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Himalayan Quartz
Kullu Valley
Ganesh Himal region of the Himalayans

Himalayan Quartz comes from Kullu valley....same location as the Himalayan Pink Ice Quartz. This quartz has some unusual characteristics about it. For the most part, it is a lot like Arkansas Quartz in appearance, although not always as clear. The energy is totally different!! Himalayan Quartz is mined at 10,000 - 15,000 feet above sea level and is extracted by hand in the clear air of the Himalayans. There are lots of inclusions as well, in maybe 10% of the material(?). There is pyrite, and chlorite, and some weird pseudo-cubic looking crystals on the inside, like Rhombahedrons of something...maybe hematite pseudo-morphed after Limonite? There has been some rutile, and other weird Red mica or oil looking inclusions. Some of Himalayan Quartz is clearly pink. In general, the fact that it was mined high in the Himalayas gives it its most unique properties. These crystals were carried in knapsacks by sherpas over a many miles and taking several walking days to get to the bottom of the mountain. These crystals have been exposed to the harsh weather of the high mountains, including snow, wind, ice and cold.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Sonntag, 04. Januar 2009 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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