The Frank Hess Collection

A varied and beautiful array of crystals and gems, the Frank Hess Collection came to us in a unique way, with a story of its own.  Massive in its size and scope, it’s worth the trip in to the shop and warehouse just to experience it.

Frank Hess large pieces

Then add how it came to be at TJ’s and it gets even more special.

Frank Hess was a collector in the 60’s and 70’s, doing at least some of his own mining.  After his passing, and with no family to call on, his landlord hired someone to clear out his home and throw everything away.

Enter two rock hounds who frequent TJ’s and happen to be contractors.  See where this is going? They were hired to work in the house, and subsequently rescued the collection from an untimely fate.

.Frank Hess Zoisite - Thulite      Frank Hess Wulfenite

They brought the collection in to Tom, and he purchased most of it on the spot.

There are rare pieces, some from mines that have been mined out for decades.  Most are labeled meticulously by Frank Hess himself (using a typewriter on the labels).  There are still plenty every day displayed for purchase and perusal.

Frank Hess Stibnite, Dolomite etc

We always enjoy showing off the Frank Hess Collection to others who love stones.  Feel free to stop in during store hours.