Enchanted Diamonds

A new find from New Mexico, Enchanted Diamonds are a fluorescent variety of quartz. They are now available at only 2 retailers in the United States, and TJ’s Rocks and Gemcrafts is 1!

According to Tom, “These are ‘oil’ included quartz crystals from New Mexico. These are very tough to get as there are very few of them. Very fluorescent.” Another sign in the store marks the Enchanted Diamonds as a “Recent discovery. Very rare.”

From Geology.com, humans can see a mineral fluoresce under ultraviolet light (which we cannot see) because the mineral reflects the light at a different, visible wavelength.

Fluorescent crystals! 😍

Here’s what they look like under regular light:

Enchanted Diamonds under normal lighting 😮

As far as metaphysical properties go, the Enchanted Diamonds are so new that their properties haven’t yet been discovered. So now’s your chance! If you’d like to pioneer in the community and learn more about these crystals, please consider picking up your own Enchanted Diamonds today!